Our Employees make us Special!

Our Employees make us Special!

Let’s face it: No business can be successful without contributions from the entire team. At Environment Control we have always taken the time to invest in our controllers and provide them every opportunity to succeed. Those EC employees in the green shirts that you see in your office every day are the backbone of what we do, and it is our goal to give them all the tools and support they need to provide you with excellent service! 

How do we do this? Well:

  • During our hiring process each potential employee is thoroughly screened and provided with a detailed description of what we do and how we do it. At EC we don’t want surprises, so we make sure that each applicant understands their role while setting reasonable expectations for performance. 
  • Each incoming controller is introduced to all key leadership staff. From our owner, David Wise, to HR, Administration, Night Operations and Supervisor, new hires are made to feel part of the team and that their contributions are valued. 
  • Our comprehensive 3-night training process provides the new controller with the confidence they need to clean any office properly. From their very first night of training each controller is accompanied by a member of the EC leadership team who introduces them to all the steps that ensure a proper cleaning. After their third night of training the controller will not only have the tools to properly clean their assigned account but also be able to provide support at additional accounts if needed. 
  • Once training is completed the support continues. Each controller will receive continued assistance on a nightly basis from their Unit Supervisor, who is also available at all times during their shift. This can be anything from providing needed supplies to offering guidance on cleaning tactics. All of our controllers know that their supervisor is immediately available to help if needed.  
  • Supervisors work to ensure that your controller maintains a consistent level of service by the use of Inspection Reports. These inspections allow each supervisor to highlight areas in which the controller has excelled while identifying any areas that require additional attention or retraining. These are not corrective measures but tools to aid each controller in providing the best possible service for our clients. 
  • Through events such as Company and Unit Meetings as well as our company newsletter all controllers are updated on the latest happenings within EC. Controllers constantly receive additional tools to help them provide you with the best service possible. 
  • Good service does not go unrecognized. All employees participate in the EC Profit Sharing program, whereby those controllers who provide quality service (as judged by you, the client) are given merit pay increases based on performance. 
  • Promotions come from within. Every leadership employee with Environment Control began their career as a green-shirted controller. Any controller looking to advance within the company is given the opportunity to do so and provided the necessary support to reach their goal. 

At Environment Control we understand that it is our controllers that allow us to grow. We value their efforts and do all we can to let them know their efforts are appreciated. 

Responsiveness is key

Responsiveness is key

One of the keys to success in any business is how you respond to customer requests. A client needs to know that you “have their back”, and that you will act quickly to address a sudden need or correct an oversight in your work. Failing to respond in a timely fashion can result in the loss of a client, as they will perceive your slow response as a lack of interest in providing consistent, quality service.

At Environment Control we pride ourselves on responding promptly to any situation. From ownership to controllers, EC does all we can to ensure that any issue is addressed promptly. This accomplished several ways:

  1. When a request or issue comes into our office, either via email or telephone, we do all we can to respond within hours, not days. This response will confirm what the customer is requesting and provide a timeline for completing the task.
  2. We are human and occasionally mistakes are made. Should we receive notice that a cleaning task was missed the night before we take steps to ensure that the oversight is addressed the next day/evening and work with our staff to avoid a repeat in the future.
  3. Should the request involve equipment repairs or replacement we quickly determine availability of the item required and supply the customer with a timeline for completion. Since we stock many of the dispensers our customers need, often times replacement can be done within 48 hours.
  4. All customer requests are documented and saved. This allows EC to spot any trends, either in service or special requests, and provide us the opportunity to proactively address issues and improve response times.

This attention to responsiveness is why Environment Control continues to grow. We conduct regular surveys asking our clients their opinion on our performance. In almost all of the survey results the most often sited reason for customer satisfaction is how we respond to customer issues and requests.

At Environment Control we put our customers first. If you feel that your current cleaning service isn’t taking care of issues in a timely fashion, give us a call and let us show you the EC difference.

The Importance of ourCore Value

The Importance of our Core Value

“Building an Organization of People Builders”

On a basic level all businesses have the same goal: To become profitable and self­ sustaining. If this were the only purpose, then there would be little to differentiate one company from the next. Successful businesses understand that in addition to quality infrastructure and service they must provide focus, both for their employees and their customers. What are we hoping to achieve? How do we want to represent ourselves? How do we get everyone working toward the same goals?

At Environment Control we believe strongly in the importance of having a core value. A strong sense of purpose makes it easier for the company to make decisions, fosters teamwork, communicates principles to clients and defines what type of employees we want to hire. A business is in many ways a community, and for that community to act as a group you need to define an identity that all employees can support. Otherwise, your business may evolve in an unintended direction.

Our Vision statement. “Building an Organization of People Builders”, lets not only our employees but our clients better understand what we as a company hope to achieve. EC exists not only to provide quality commercial cleaning but also to create a support team that, through words and actions, helps all our employees grow and succeed. 

We do this in several ways:

  • High quality training
  • Continual mentoring and support of all staff by leadership
  • Company/Area meetings to foster sense of community
  • Profit sharing to reinforce inclusion
  • Regular review of employee performance
  • Recognition of outstanding conduct
  • Company-wide encouragement to share ideas for improvement

Our goal at EC is to ensure that everyone, from the newest controller to the company President, feels supported and valued. We encourage our employees to identify hidden talents and nurture untapped skills. Our leadership team is tasked with fostering relationships that can inspire our controllers to look beyond what they may have thought possible. The goal of helping our employees reach their potential pervades every decision made within the company.

Environment Control takes pride in what we stand for and looks to partner with clients that share our vision. If you’ve been looking for a higher standard from your cleaning service see why more and more companies are partnering with EC.

How we partner with our clients

How we partner with our clients

At EC we go the extra mile

In the past commercial janitorial was seen as nothing more than a service. Companies were contracted to provide basic cleaning during evenings and limit contact with their clients. Being “seen and not heard” was a standard practice and the only interaction occurred when the client had a complaint or it was time for a contract renewal.

Those days are long gone. More and more companies are realizing the importance of having a commercial cleaner that understands their needs and takes the time to learn about their operation. Environment Control understands this.

At EC we go the extra mile to really learn the needs of our clients. We strive to create a partnership with the customers we serve, making sure that we listen to their company goals. This partnership begins even before we empty our first trash can:

What we do

  • During our initial walkthrough our sales team takes the time to listen and learn about how the potential client operates and what they look to receive from their cleaning service. EC makes a point of tailoring our services to the needs of their client, not a one-size-fits all approach.
  • After completing our initial walkthrough we create a unique proposal crafted to address the areas of need important to the client. When possible we try to provide this information in a one-on-one setting that allows for immediate answers to any questions the client might have.
  • Once the proposal has been accepted, our sales stff conducts a meeting with the new client and EC ownership. EC ownership is their point of contact going forward for any questions or issues that may arise. Environment Control believes that this direct contact with company ownership stresses the importance our company places on the client relationship.
  • Once service has begun EC focuses on both proactiveness and responsiveness. With our in-depth controller training and regular supervisory inspections EC can catch any potential issues before they arise. Should a special need occur, Environment Control prides itself on quick response times. Most special requests are handled on the same day they are received.
  • Communication is key to a lasting relationship. We at EC pride ourselves on reaching out to our clients on a regular basis to ensure that our performance is in line with customer expectations. A steady dialogue also allows us to adapt to changes as needed.

At Environment Control we listen to our clients and work hard to create a strong partnership. By doing so our clients consider EC an integral part of their growing operation.

What makes Environment Control Unique?

What makes Environment Control Unique?

#1: Controller Training

Not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. Sure, they all pick up trash and provide basic levels of cleaning. If your goal is to find basic service at the lowest price possible then there are many companies to choose from. But where do you go when quality matters? Which cleaning companies offer real value and a quality clean night after night?

At Environment Control we take a number of steps to ensure our customers get consistent, thorough cleaning each and every service night. A major factor in providing high-quality service is how we train our Controllers.

Many janitorial companies provide their incoming employees with a single night of training. Basically this involves a tour of the facility, brief instruction on what chemicals to use, then perhaps a show-and-tell on what areas to focus on. By the second night that employee is expected to provide a high level of service despite only receiving minimal training. Needless to say this often falls short.

At Environment Control we do things differently. Each new Controller is provided not one but three nights of training at their accounts. On the first night a trained Supervisor will welcome the Controller at their account and provide a tour of the facility. Once this tour is complete the Supervisor will ask the controller to observe while they clean the facility. During cleaning the Controller is encouraged to ask questions while the Supervisor will describe cleaning techniques and details unique to the account. This allows the Controller to learn about their account before they ever begin cleaning.

On the second night of training the Controller will again be paired with their Supervisor and begin cleaning of the account. Both Controller and Supervisor will share cleaning duties, allowing the Supervisor to continue training on technique to ensure lessons taught on the first night are learned. The Controller benefits in being allowed to gradually learn their routine rather than being given a quick walkthrough followed by a full night of responsibilities.


Third night training has the Supervisor and Controller paired again, this time with the Supervisor shadowing the Controller while they complete all the required duties at the account. The Supervisor will provide positive reinforcement and correction to ensure that nothing is overlooked. The Controller benefits by knowing they have received thorough instruction at the account. Most of all, the client benefits by having an employee that has been fully trained on the details of their facility.

Employee training is just one piece of what sets Environment Control apart from other janitorial services. Keep following this blog for more information on how EC not only does things differently, but how we do things better.


GREAT at feedback and quick response time to additional requests we've had


Quality of service and excellent communication are their top traits


EC truly cares about their clients and doing a good job for them. Quick response to additional cleaning requests outside our normal services


Prompt with communication, quick to take care of any issues that arise


Friendliness and open communication with the Owner, myself, and our staff members