We are accepting applications for our part time permanent janitorial, “Controller” positions. The work schedule for these positions is Sunday thru Thursday evenings. The start time is somewhat flexible; in most cases employees can begin work anytime between 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

All positions at Environment Control of Boise are part time. Most employees work between 10 and 25 hours per week; 25 hours per week is the maximum working hours allowed for entry level employees, although more is available for other positions in the company.

Benefits With Our Company:

You can earn anywhere from $300- $800 each month, along with a Profit Sharing Program that allows YOU to earn your raises and bonuses! No need to ask for a raise, as the Program is all based on how great your work ethic is! You get Paid Vacation time after one year of employment with us and regardless if you've been with us for 2 months or 2 years, you are always eligible for a promotion, as we always promote from within! Working with EC is all based on your personal work ethic. If you want to more money and to advance with our company it is all based on YOU!


Stay at Home Mom or Dad:
We work great for stay at home parents who need an extra income each month. With EC you never have to worry about child care! You can stay home during the day with the kids while your spouse goes to work and then when they get home you both can relax, enjoy some dinner, and then you come work for us and earn an extra $300 to $800 a month depending on what you need.

College Student:
Are you in college and getting really tired of eating top ramen every night? Because EC creates a schedule that works for you, you never have to worry about when you are going to have time to study or if you are going to have to miss class because of a work conflict with scheduling. When working for us you will know exactly what hours you will be working and because we work in the evenings, you never have to worry about scheduling conflicts with your classes. No need to stress about what your schedule is going to be because EC can work around your classes. So have a little spending money this semester and talk to EC today!

Day Time Job Just isn't Enough:
Are you working a full time job and it's just not enough to pay the bills each month? Needing an extra income to make things a little easier? EC is perfect for you! We are flexible with our start times starting anywhere from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, depending on what your day time schedule looks like. The schedules that we create are designed to be easy on you. Here at EC we believe a part time job should not be more stress on you and your schedule and that is why we create a schedule that is designed just for you, and yet gets you the extra dollars you need each month to pay your bills.

I'm Retired:
Are you retired but still looking for something to help you get over that hump each month? Because our jobs are part time, we can create a schedule for you that still allows you to earn some extra money without losing your other income. Your other income is certainly a blessing, but sometimes it is just not enough to get you through and we can definitely help with that!

Give us a call today and talk to Kaytlyn about how EC can help you earn supplemental income each month!


To Apply to a Controller position, please download the application below. After filling out the application, you can either email it, fax it, mail it, or bring it to our office.

Please include your current employment status and all phone numbers and contact names on the work history portion. Please do not leave anything blank. Put N/A or "none" if something does not apply to you. Applications with missing contact names and/or missing phone numbers will not be accepted.


After filling out your application please do one of the following:

  • Email it to kaytlyn@ecboise.com
  • Mail it to PO Box 6877 Boise, ID 83707
  • Bring it to our office located at 842 La Cassia Boise, ID 83705
  • Fax it to our office at 208-336-7745

For more information regarding positions within our company, please give Kaytlyn a call at 208-867-1560.


Call us at (208) 336-7731 or fill out our online contact form.