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Commercial Cleaning Services that Provide You with Peace of Mind

Personalized Cleaning Services to fit your needs ● COVID-19 Antivirus treatments ●  Competitive Prices ● Special Services ● Emergency Services

Environment Control of Boise


Our systematic approach to service ensures maximum cleaning results for your budgeted dollar.


The key to any cleaning program is ensuring you are happy with the results!

You’re Covered!

You can have peace of mind in knowing your company is protected by comprehensive insurance coverage that exceeds industry standards.


Clear Communication, Standardized Training and Proactive Supervision to make sure we consistently hit the mark.


Building an Organization of People Builders! Come join our team of dedicated professionals


Cleaning Service Expertise

Today’s economy demands greater planning and budgeting – and Environment Control of Boise is here to help! We will meet personally with you and tour your facility to better determine your cleaning requirements and develop a customized program to reach both your financial and aesthetic goals.

What Does This Mean for You?

A proposal fashioned specifically for your property means that certain tasks may be done on a more frequent basis while others may be done less often or only as needed. It may mean recommending a window cleaning or carpet/floor care program to be prorated annually to facilitate your budgeting process and still maintain your facility at a high level of cleanliness. As with any relationship, communication is key. Working together, we create a personalized plan to both minimize your cleaning budget AND produce the desired results.


  • Daily or Periodic Office Cleaning
    • We offer 5 night, 3 night and 2 night per week service, depending on your needs.
  • Competitively Priced Restroom Supplies
    • Take advantage of low prices through our national contract pricing
  • Emergency Services
    • We are available night and day for any building emergency, such as building flooding or break-ins
  • Special Services
    • Exterior and Interior Window Washing
    • Carpet and Tile Care Service
      • Tile Care – Buffing, machine scrubbing, stripping, recoating
      • Carpet Care – Extraction, bonnet cleaning, high traffic lanes
    • Vacant Space Clean Up
    • Cleaning Blitz
    • Exterior Cleaning

COVID-19 Disinfection

COVID-19 Disinfection

We want to make sure employees feel confident and safe returning to their office environments.

  • One time, weekly, twice weekly schedules
  • Elevator buttons, panels, railings
  • Stair railings, stairwell door handles
  • Break room counters, faucet handles, top back of seats, table tops, vending machine button panels/glass, cabinet door handles/doors, refrigerator doors, microwave handles/fronts
  • Telephone handsets, cradles, buttons
  • Reception counter, public pens, stands
  • All exposed work surfaces, tops of all partition tops in reach, light wiping of keyboards/mice, chair backs
  • Restrooms: full entry doors, handles, push/kick plates, faucets, handicapped rails, braille pads
  • Door knobs, handles, push plates, Handicap auto-door push plates, digital entry pads, outside entry railings
  • Light switch plates, braille room identifier pads
  • Plastic/wood arms and back of chairs in reception areas and conference rooms
  • Drinking fountain push buttons/bars, white guard

What Our Clients Have to Say

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