Core Value

Environment Control Boise has a very Unique Culture

We’re constantly on the search for those that feel the same way about how to treat People and how to treat Customers.  We’re fanatical about Customer Satisfaction, knowing that Property Managers and Building Owners have many choices when selecting a cleaning service, so the result oriented work our employees produce must be top of the line each and every service night.  Equal to Customer Satisfaction, our Leadership Staff understands the concept of Servant Leadership, that we are here to serve our employees – to provide a great place to work with opportunities for increased pay and position, and a place where they can grow leadership skills themselves that will follow them for a lifetime.  Our Night Operations Leadership Staff clearly understands that they cannot be successful in their positions unless every person in their charge is successful in theirs.  True success comes only when everyone else is succeeding.  

Our Core Value:
Building an Organization of People Builders

The above statement assumes:

Building an Organization

Fanatical Customer Service

Ownership Mentality

Result Oriented Work Philosophy

People Builders


Servant Leadership

Other’s Success is Primary

Our Core Value is the Creation and the Advancement of a Company Culture that celebrates those that feel like they have a personal obligation to improve the lives of the people around them.

Meet Some of Our Team Members

David Wise

President of Environment Control of Boise, David has led the Boise company for over 35 years.  Starting as a entry level Controller at the Salem, Oregon Environment Control company in 1980, and later transferring to the Portland area EC Companies, David got his start in EC right from the Controller position.  After serving in the U.S. Army, David’s entrepreneurial spirit caused him to look into buying his own EC Company.  And so in 1987, he and his family moved to Boise and continued building EC Boise.  David is married with 5 children and two grandchildren.

Kim DiLecce

Twenty years ago Kim came to work at EC Boise. She was looking for some extra income at the time, but little did she know what success she would find at this part-time job. Perhaps it was her life motto of Always staying positive in all situations, or her hard work ethic, but it was not long before she moved up from an entry-level controller position to the Night Operations Manager and Part-Owner! On top of that, she also maintains and oversees the Health, Safety, Supply, and Maintenance Departments for EC Boise.

You wouldn’t know it but Kim is originally from Westchester, New York; though her love for the NY Yankees gives it away. She had found her way to the Treasure Valley 26 years ago with her then infant twin sons. She and her family have grown here in Boise and now proudly call it home.

Keith Allred

Keith is no stranger to the EC culture, as he had worked for Environment Control back in his high school days. It was this experience with EC that prompted him to join us here in the Treasure Valley where he quickly rose from controller to Area Supervisor while also becoming our Sales Consultant and securing an ownership stake in the company!

Keith has always appreciated EC’s philosophy of enabling their employees and Building an Organization of People Builders. Having owned a successful printing business in the Treasure Valley, Keith knows what it takes to help a business grow while providing a supportive environment for our controllers.

Originally from California, where he built his career while fostering a love for skydiving, Keith has lived in the Treasure Valley for over 25 years. A father of 2, Keith is committed to helping Environment Control grow and prosper through sharing his knowledge and experiences as a successful entrepreneur.

Gretchen Wells

Gretchen is our Human Resources Recruiter. She started at EC Boise as an entry-level Controller. Within a few months she took on the role as our HR Recruiter. 

Native to the Boise area, she has a deep love for the Treasure Valley Community. As a recruiter, her mission  is to give back to the community, by creating connections, friendships, and partnerships. She also likes to participate in Boise’s organizations as a runner. 

Gretchen has always had a competitive streak when it comes to challenges. Whether it is for a half marathon or a round of rock, paper, and scissors, she plays to win! One of her favorite hobbies is to go on spontaneous road trip adventures on the weekends with her kids.