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How we partner with our clients

At EC we go the extra mile

In the past commercial janitorial was seen as nothing more than a service. Companies were contracted to provide basic cleaning during evenings and limit contact with their clients. Being “seen and not heard” was a standard practice and the only interaction occurred when the client had a complaint or it was time for a contract renewal.

Those days are long gone. More and more companies are realizing the importance of having a commercial cleaner that understands their needs and takes the time to learn about their operation. Environment Control understands this.

At EC we go the extra mile to really learn the needs of our clients. We strive to create a partnership with the customers we serve, making sure that we listen to their company goals. This partnership begins even before we empty our first trash can:

What we do

  • During our initial walkthrough our sales team takes the time to listen and learn about how the potential client operates and what they look to receive from their cleaning service. EC makes a point of tailoring our services to the needs of their client, not a one-size-fits all approach.
  • After completing our initial walkthrough we create a unique proposal crafted to address the areas of need important to the client. When possible we try to provide this information in a one-on-one setting that allows for immediate answers to any questions the client might have.
  • Once the proposal has been accepted, our sales stff conducts a meeting with the new client and EC ownership. EC ownership is their point of contact going forward for any questions or issues that may arise. Environment Control believes that this direct contact with company ownership stresses the importance our company places on the client relationship.
  • Once service has begun EC focuses on both proactiveness and responsiveness. With our in-depth controller training and regular supervisory inspections EC can catch any potential issues before they arise. Should a special need occur, Environment Control prides itself on quick response times. Most special requests are handled on the same day they are received.
  • Communication is key to a lasting relationship. We at EC pride ourselves on reaching out to our clients on a regular basis to ensure that our performance is in line with customer expectations. A steady dialogue also allows us to adapt to changes as needed.

At Environment Control we listen to our clients and work hard to create a strong partnership. By doing so our clients consider EC an integral part of their growing operation.

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