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Our Employees make us Special!

Let’s face it: No business can be successful without contributions from the entire team. At Environment Control we have always taken the time to invest in our controllers and provide them every opportunity to succeed. Those EC employees in the green shirts that you see in your office every day are the backbone of what we do, and it is our goal to give them all the tools and support they need to provide you with excellent service! 

How do we do this? Well:

  • During our hiring process each potential employee is thoroughly screened and provided with a detailed description of what we do and how we do it. At EC we don’t want surprises, so we make sure that each applicant understands their role while setting reasonable expectations for performance. 
  • Each incoming controller is introduced to all key leadership staff. From our owner, David Wise, to HR, Administration, Night Operations and Supervisor, new hires are made to feel part of the team and that their contributions are valued. 
  • Our comprehensive 3-night training process provides the new controller with the confidence they need to clean any office properly. From their very first night of training each controller is accompanied by a member of the EC leadership team who introduces them to all the steps that ensure a proper cleaning. After their third night of training the controller will not only have the tools to properly clean their assigned account but also be able to provide support at additional accounts if needed. 
  • Once training is completed the support continues. Each controller will receive continued assistance on a nightly basis from their Unit Supervisor, who is also available at all times during their shift. This can be anything from providing needed supplies to offering guidance on cleaning tactics. All of our controllers know that their supervisor is immediately available to help if needed.  
  • Supervisors work to ensure that your controller maintains a consistent level of service by the use of Inspection Reports. These inspections allow each supervisor to highlight areas in which the controller has excelled while identifying any areas that require additional attention or retraining. These are not corrective measures but tools to aid each controller in providing the best possible service for our clients. 
  • Through events such as Company and Unit Meetings as well as our company newsletter all controllers are updated on the latest happenings within EC. Controllers constantly receive additional tools to help them provide you with the best service possible. 
  • Good service does not go unrecognized. All employees participate in the EC Profit Sharing program, whereby those controllers who provide quality service (as judged by you, the client) are given merit pay increases based on performance. 
  • Promotions come from within. Every leadership employee with Environment Control began their career as a green-shirted controller. Any controller looking to advance within the company is given the opportunity to do so and provided the necessary support to reach their goal. 

At Environment Control we understand that it is our controllers that allow us to grow. We value their efforts and do all we can to let them know their efforts are appreciated. 

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