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Responsiveness is key

One of the keys to success in any business is how you respond to customer requests. A client needs to know that you “have their back”, and that you will act quickly to address a sudden need or correct an oversight in your work. Failing to respond in a timely fashion can result in the loss of a client, as they will perceive your slow response as a lack of interest in providing consistent, quality service.

At Environment Control we pride ourselves on responding promptly to any situation. From ownership to controllers, EC does all we can to ensure that any issue is addressed promptly. This accomplished several ways:

  1. When a request or issue comes into our office, either via email or telephone, we do all we can to respond within hours, not days. This response will confirm what the customer is requesting and provide a timeline for completing the task.
  2. We are human and occasionally mistakes are made. Should we receive notice that a cleaning task was missed the night before we take steps to ensure that the oversight is addressed the next day/evening and work with our staff to avoid a repeat in the future.
  3. Should the request involve equipment repairs or replacement we quickly determine availability of the item required and supply the customer with a timeline for completion. Since we stock many of the dispensers our customers need, often times replacement can be done within 48 hours.
  4. All customer requests are documented and saved. This allows EC to spot any trends, either in service or special requests, and provide us the opportunity to proactively address issues and improve response times.

This attention to responsiveness is why Environment Control continues to grow. We conduct regular surveys asking our clients their opinion on our performance. In almost all of the survey results the most often sited reason for customer satisfaction is how we respond to customer issues and requests.

At Environment Control we put our customers first. If you feel that your current cleaning service isn’t taking care of issues in a timely fashion, give us a call and let us show you the EC difference.

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