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The Importance of our Core Value

“Building an Organization of People Builders”

On a basic level all businesses have the same goal: To become profitable and self­ sustaining. If this were the only purpose, then there would be little to differentiate one company from the next. Successful businesses understand that in addition to quality infrastructure and service they must provide focus, both for their employees and their customers. What are we hoping to achieve? How do we want to represent ourselves? How do we get everyone working toward the same goals?

At Environment Control we believe strongly in the importance of having a core value. A strong sense of purpose makes it easier for the company to make decisions, fosters teamwork, communicates principles to clients and defines what type of employees we want to hire. A business is in many ways a community, and for that community to act as a group you need to define an identity that all employees can support. Otherwise, your business may evolve in an unintended direction.

Our Vision statement. “Building an Organization of People Builders”, lets not only our employees but our clients better understand what we as a company hope to achieve. EC exists not only to provide quality commercial cleaning but also to create a support team that, through words and actions, helps all our employees grow and succeed. 

We do this in several ways:

  • High quality training
  • Continual mentoring and support of all staff by leadership
  • Company/Area meetings to foster sense of community
  • Profit sharing to reinforce inclusion
  • Regular review of employee performance
  • Recognition of outstanding conduct
  • Company-wide encouragement to share ideas for improvement

Our goal at EC is to ensure that everyone, from the newest controller to the company President, feels supported and valued. We encourage our employees to identify hidden talents and nurture untapped skills. Our leadership team is tasked with fostering relationships that can inspire our controllers to look beyond what they may have thought possible. The goal of helping our employees reach their potential pervades every decision made within the company.

Environment Control takes pride in what we stand for and looks to partner with clients that share our vision. If you’ve been looking for a higher standard from your cleaning service see why more and more companies are partnering with EC.

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