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What makes Environment Control Unique?

#1: Controller Training

Not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. Sure, they all pick up trash and provide basic levels of cleaning. If your goal is to find basic service at the lowest price possible then there are many companies to choose from. But where do you go when quality matters? Which cleaning companies offer real value and a quality clean night after night?

At Environment Control we take a number of steps to ensure our customers get consistent, thorough cleaning each and every service night. A major factor in providing high-quality service is how we train our Controllers.

Many janitorial companies provide their incoming employees with a single night of training. Basically this involves a tour of the facility, brief instruction on what chemicals to use, then perhaps a show-and-tell on what areas to focus on. By the second night that employee is expected to provide a high level of service despite only receiving minimal training. Needless to say this often falls short.

At Environment Control we do things differently. Each new Controller is provided not one but three nights of training at their accounts. On the first night a trained Supervisor will welcome the Controller at their account and provide a tour of the facility. Once this tour is complete the Supervisor will ask the controller to observe while they clean the facility. During cleaning the Controller is encouraged to ask questions while the Supervisor will describe cleaning techniques and details unique to the account. This allows the Controller to learn about their account before they ever begin cleaning.

On the second night of training the Controller will again be paired with their Supervisor and begin cleaning of the account. Both Controller and Supervisor will share cleaning duties, allowing the Supervisor to continue training on technique to ensure lessons taught on the first night are learned. The Controller benefits in being allowed to gradually learn their routine rather than being given a quick walkthrough followed by a full night of responsibilities.


Third night training has the Supervisor and Controller paired again, this time with the Supervisor shadowing the Controller while they complete all the required duties at the account. The Supervisor will provide positive reinforcement and correction to ensure that nothing is overlooked. The Controller benefits by knowing they have received thorough instruction at the account. Most of all, the client benefits by having an employee that has been fully trained on the details of their facility.

Employee training is just one piece of what sets Environment Control apart from other janitorial services. Keep following this blog for more information on how EC not only does things differently, but how we do things better.

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